Florida teacher Jamie Melton, arrested for sex with student, had tryst...

The Florida high school teacher charged with having sex with a student waited for her wife to go out of town before hosting the teen, according to new court documents, which also revealed racy text messages between the pair.

Jamie Melton, an English teacher at Tampa’s renowned Carrollwood Day School, told the teen that her spouse would be out of town on several dates and the victim told police that they planned to meet, the warrant said.

The victim went to Melton’s home last Friday, where the teacher laid down on her bed before the teen climbed on top of her and the pair began to kiss, court papers state.

They then moved to a couch, where they engaged in further sexual activity that was redacted from the report.

Melton, 42, told the student to delete all of their text exchanges, but investigators said they were able to recover several suggestive comments that aided in their probe.

In one chat, Melton tells the student that she’s hungry. The victim then asks her what she would like to eat.

Jamie Melton, 42, allegedly “engaged in sexual relations” with a student.The Hillsborough County Sheriff’

“You,” Melton replied.

“You’re such a pain in the a–,” the student wrote, along with a heart emoji.

“You love me though,” the educator asserts.

“F—— love you,” the student responds.

“They then discuss ice cream, and the defendant sends, ‘Too bad you didn’t get to taste it from my mouth,’” court papers state. “And the victim sends, ‘I wanna taste this strawberry milkshake from your mouth right now.’”

After their Sept. 9 encounter, Melton reached out to the student.

“I’m falling asleep where we shared out intimacy,” she wrote, according to police.

The documents also said Melton was friends with the victim’s father, who eventually called both the educator’s wife and police after discovering the illicit relationship.

Carrollwood Day SchoolJamie Melton worked as an English instructor at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, a $25,000-a-year private school.Google Maps

Melton has been hit with a felony sexual battery rap for trysting with a child between the ages of 12 and 18.

Citing state law, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department did not release the victim’s age or gender.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said he was “disgusted” by Melton’s behavior in a statement Monday.

“This woman was a trusted member of this community who was responsible for the education and well-being of students,” he said.

Administrators at $25,000-a-year Carrollwood, which teaches kids in kindergarten through the 12th grade, said Melton had an “unblemished” record at the school and that there were no prior red flags.

“We have not had any concerns about her conduct prior,” she wrote. “Ms. Melton has been suspended from her position immediately.”

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