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07-08-2022 06:00 AM

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The murder accused. (Right) Deceased Manisha Dudhela

Deceased Manisha’s husband Radhakrishna had hired man to kill her owing to domestic disputes

Days after the decomposed body of a woman in her 40s was found in an apartment in Shrinandnagar-2 society in Vejalpur, it has come to light that she was murdered by a Warangal resident on the directions of her former husband. The husband is said to be an officer with the central IB and was fed up with frequent disputes with his estranged wife.
The deceased Manisha Dudhela (47) was living alone in the house in Shrinandnagar for the last few years. She was married to Telangana native Radhakrishna Dudhale but left her husband’s place a year later in 2015 owing to marital disputes. According to police, Dudhela had a job in a private company while she was also getting Rs 30,000 alimony from her husband.
Dudhela was last seen by society members on July 19, but  later police were called when foul smell emanated from the apartment. Her decomposed body was found inside. Initially, an accidental death report was filed but a murder complaint was filed after the post-mortem examination report revealed seven stab wounds in her neck.
During investigations, when police went through CCTV footage collected from many places, the movement of a certain motorcycle raised their suspicion. The motorcycle was traced to a rental agency located near Income Tax office. From this, it came to light that the vehicle was booked online by Warangal resident Khaliluddin Saiyad (32). 
A police team which went to Telangana could not trace Saiyad’s whereabouts as he had switched off his mobile phone. 
But after a tip off was received that Saiyad was in Warangal, a team of Ahmedabad LCB went there and arrested him. 

Found At: ‘IB officer’ hired contract killer to murder wife

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