Zocco, Louis Alexander - Dui and 3 additional charges

On the 13th of September, an officer at the intersection of S. Bellevue Ave and W. Lincoln Hwy observed a vehicle make a left hand turn from Bellevue Ave to Lincoln Hwy while a person was walking in the crosswalk. The driver of the vehicle came very close to hitting the person, who had to change her walking path due to the vehicle. The officer turned around and stopped the vehicle in a parking lot on Lincoln Hwy. While speaking with the driver, and sole occupant, officers observed that the driver appeared disorientated, confused, and couldn’t answer basic questions. The driver was ID’d as Louis Zocco. When Zocco exited the vehicle, officers could see in plain sight multiple empty beer cans along with one being open and 1/2 full, the can was still cool. Zocco was asked to participate in field sobriety exercises, which he was unable to complete. Zocco was arrested for suspected DUI. He’ll also be sent a summons to appear in court.

Found At: Zocco, Louis Alexander – Dui and 3 additional charges

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