Five Telangana, India youths, scammed into working with scam...

A day after reaching home safely from Cambodia, where they were kept in confinement and forced to be part of online scams, five youths from Karimnagar and Sircilla districts revealed that hundreds of youths from India and other countries remain stuck there.

They also demanded action against the agents who had “sold” them to the human traffickers on the pretext of getting them employment.

Karimnagar Police Commissioner V Satyanarayana had told the media that Minhaj Ali, a local agent had coordinated with Delhi-based Abdullah to send the five youths to Cambodia where they had been kept locked up after refusing to take part in illegal activities.

The five youths — Shahbaz Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Saleem Muhammad, Haji Baba and Naveed Abdul — had managed to record their plight on video clips and send them to their relatives. Their relatives met the Karimnagar Police Commissioner on September 19 who directed the Task Force to pursue the matter.

Narrating their ordeal, one of the youths said that the last 15 days of their confinement were the most difficult. “We were harassed mentally and physically,” said Haji Baba.

To date, Khmer Times was given to understand that approximately 70 Indian nationals have been rescued from scam syndicates in Cambodia where they were allegedly confined and repatriated to India.

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