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ELLENSBURG – Last night, Ellensburg Police Officers responded to Pfenning Road for a reported burglary in progress. After the homeowner called from out of town to report seeing subjects walking into his home on a camera, a nearby neighbor confirmed two unknown individuals were inside the residence.


When officers arrived, they detained two people who had entered the home through an unlocked door. Officers then learned that one of the subjects had been speaking with a man online who claimed to be a famous Country Music singer who had just purchased the house. The unknown man, who is definitely NOT a celebrity, told one of the individuals that they could go to the house and if anything was inside, it was probably his cousin’s belongings. It was revealed nothing was damaged or taken from the residence, and the two legitimately believed they could legally be inside the house.


While this odd incident may seem slightly amusing and hard to believe, it highlights yet another SCAM designed only to take your money. These scams involve someone claiming to be a celebrity who is in need of money or someone who requests money as a payment for a rental or purchase property, Many times, the victim pays the fee, never having personally seen the property. Most often, this results in the victim being out money and being embarrassed to find someone already living in the home. But in this case, the victim of the scam was mistaken for a burglar with criminal intent and treated as such until the investigation revealed a much stranger, but no less frustrating reality. Luckily, the homeowner was happy to have Officers simply lock all the doors and send the “burglars” away with a funny story to tell at their Thanksgiving table.


But the moral of this story for our beloved community? DO NOT under any circumstances pay money to someone for a property purchase or rental sight unseen. Always vet these alleged vacant homes through the proper channels and under no circumstances should you ever purchase gift cards at the request of someone you have never met. If someone is claiming they need you to help pay a fee by purchasing cards which they want you to provide the numbers for, THIS IS A SCAM. Most Financial Institutions provide tips on how to avoid these situations and to keep your identity safe. If you get a sketchy proposition and something seems off, give us a call.

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