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We ordered three bedroom sets and a dining room set with six chairs. Original delivery was on 6/25/2019 and had many problems with 2 of the bedroom sets and the dining room set. Two dropped end tables, 1 missing end end table, 1 missing dresser, chipped mirror, wrong colored bed rails, multiple scratches, on both bedroom sets. The dining room set had a warped leg and about a dozen noticeable scratches on the six chairs. All marked and signed off on original delivery receipt (on file). Working with a woman named Robin G and Joseph H. to try and resolve the issue for almost 3 months, They ordered six dining chair backs…they were worse than the original order. We came to an agreement by Emails (all on file) that I would accept the Dining room set with scratches at a 40% discount and a 500 dollar inconvenience refund because the entire order was flawed, a total of $955.24. They managed to fix one bedroom set to acceptable standards. Joseph reordered the other bedroom set. I told him that if the next set wasn’t in good condition, I would want a refund. All this is on email and agreed to. the reordered bedroom set was scratched and the corners beat up. Obviously their delivery companies are tantamount to gorillas. I asked for a refund on this set $702.33 allowing for their BS 20% restocking fee. It should be $843.74 plus tax. 1stop never came back to pick up their 2 scratched up bedroom sets, their 6 dining room chair backs, never refunded me the $955.24 they promised, and have ignored all my emails. Note that all during this time, I have made videos, taken pictures, I’ve done all they have asked. there is obviously, little or no honesty in business with the people. They owe me $1657.57. all emails and pictures are on file per request.
Desired Outcome/Settlement
Desired Settlement: Billing Adjustment
To refund me $1657.57 as agreed and take all the garbage furniture, (2 bedroom sets and six dining chair backs out of my house!)
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

UPDATE: 11/4/2019…

Seems like after my appalling review of the worst transaction in my 62 years of buying any product, there are a bunch of these, 3 line, 5 star reviews. 1stop bedrooms is sleazy enough to do this rather than refund their dissatisfied customers for absolutely lousy furniture. They even answer them for fake authenticity…AFTER SIX MONTHS… they still owe me $1657.57… Just saying. you’ve been warned…again!

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Found At: 1StopBedrooms – a ripoff scam company, lie after lie. owe us $1657.57

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