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Hi! I have a problem withdrawing funds from 1xBet.

On 30 Jan 2022, I tried to withdraw via an e-wallet. I received this message: “Request for documents. Please email the security team.”

I emailed the security team at: [protected]@1xbet-team.com

They asked for my ID, statement from my e-wallet and I provided all those.

The next thing they asked for was a selfie, holding my ID near my face. Also next to you should be the computer (or mobile device) where we can see your inbox messages from security department (this mailing).

Your face, your document in the hand and the dialogue with the Security department opened on any device should be fully and clearly seen on the same photo. All data should be clearly visible.

I provided the photo but they keep saying its mirrored! I even asked them to provide an example of the photo they want, but they never provided any.

From other complaints I’ve read this is a tactic to tire the user. I’m sure they’ll create additional hard-to-get documents that I must provide.

For example, some users report that 1xBet asked them to provide certificates of mental sanity. What on earth does that have to do with withdrawing money?

When a user is making a deposit, they don’t even bother to ask any info about you. But the moment you ask to withdraw a substantial amount, the list of required docs becomes endless!

This is extremely poor customer service and I ask 1xBet to resolve my issue promptly because I need the funds urgently. Until then, I will post my grievances to all blogs, social media and news outlets.

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