21st Mortgage

21st Mortgage is pretending to still be in business via their website, but they lost their financial backer and have no money to lend. They are currently just working as bill collectors collecting on our loans. This company will not work with you on refinancing your loan or modifying your loan. They will not let you skip a payment if you are in financial hardship and add it to your end balance like other mortgage companies
I like millions others lost my high paying manufacturing job in Nov 2008, rather then go on unemployment I took a much lower paying job. Moreover, 21st mortgage lied to me, and countless others, stating that my insurance and taxes were included in my loan payment. But it wasnt and now my supposedly fixed payment is now 200.00 dollars higher then when I signed up and my salary is close to half so I am currently paying 90% of my current income for this payment, and thus this month I am late. I was called last night by a Manager who demanded I move out of my house and I am only 20 days late. harrassing phone calls is the specialty of the thugs who currently manage 21st motgage. If you have a loan with them refinance to another company immediately because if you lose your job they will not modify your loan despite a federal government loan program that is available to them. (The making home affordable program)
Escape this nightmare while you still have credit and can refinance. Someone needs to shutdown this corrupt business and transfer our notes to someone who can and will modify or refinance our loans to an affordable payment.
Cindy in TX

Found At: 21st Mortgage – is a fraud

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