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Quinns Auction Gallery is a fraudulent scheme, targeting the elderly for financial exploitation as reflected in the reviews on the Yelp page for Quinns Auction Gallery.

Other victims of this scheme also reported this elderly scam on Revdex:
More victims of the financial exploitation of the elderly were also reported on The Magic Café:

David Quinn is the owner and President of Quinns Auction Gallery with dual citizenship in Arizona, and is believed to be the same David Quinn with a criminal record of fraudulent schemes, conspiracy, and theft of property, which would account for these myriad of complaints for this scheme:

This same David Quinn incorporated another scheme also targeting the same victim population as in Virginia, elderly retires and estates of loved ones, under an enterprise called 360 Estate Sales & Cleaning:

This new estate scheme targeting the elderly for financially exploitation is marketing estates of deceased retires in Sun City, Arizona, a popular retirement destination for retirees from the east coast:…5/141944

Any past or present victims of these fraudulent schemes are encouraged to contact law enforcement, your state’s attorney general’s office, the BBB, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Victims of the Quinn family’s schemes are also encouraged to post reviews on these several review sites to alert families and relatives of deceased estates to avoid further victimization of vulnerable adults in our community.

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Found At: 360 Estate Sales & Cleaning dba Quinns Auction Gallery – Estate sales & financial exploitation of vulnerable adults elderly

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