Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

7G is a fraud company. They are doing business with other names also, like; Saiansh Technologies, 7G, 7 Global Services Pvt. Ltd., 7G IT Services or 7 Global IT Services. They have two partners Ashish Gupta & Akash Attre (both are from Lucknow) currently in Mumbai and New Delhi respectively.

The company has tendency to employ the people just to show to their client and later on fire them just before the pay day and they don’t pay them their salary.

Even they own the due to their vendor or business associates also.

They make false promises to their client or other centers to whom they outsource the process, even though they don’t have any. They ask them to pay some consultancy or upfront charges and after receiving they give them forgery contracts and fraud process. Usually they ask them for cash, so there is no record or proof.

Akash is having very good record for frauds. You can check the below link also

Even they ask for advance from their clients also and later on no business is given. If you try to contact them later they will simply don’t pick the phone and changed their office also.

Found At: 7Global Services, 7 Global Services or 7G Fraud – Fraud Company 7 Global Services

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