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Today I went into the 99 cent store down the street from my house. I always go to this same store. I was looking in the toy section in the back corner when I over a page for the restroom to be opened. I noticed a customer waiting for a while, two or more employees walked by and no one opened the door. So I told the lady I’d go find some one for her since I was already headed that direction. I finally found someone who happened to be the store manager, she was stocking shelves in the other side of the store. I walked up and asked if she could have someone open the door for the lady so she could use the bathroom. The manager responded to what I had asked with a very rude answer. She said the customer using the restroom was the least of her worries, that she works 13 hours and holds it and that she isnt gonna waste her time to go open the restroom door. I was taken back a bit by her response, so I told her that I do understand what she means to have to wait to use the restroom, but I had only asked because that lady looked like she desperately needed to use the bathroom.

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