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I am a regular customer of cvs for many years. I get my migraine medication there 2x a month for the last 10yrs (my medication cost $275.00 for 6 pills)! I frequently get money orders there and pay with my debit card. hence, a debit card is “cash” lately, everytime I go there it is a diff. story. must use cash, I was told, but this is a debit card, I responded, “no, must be cash, use our atm machine” crazy, why would I spend $5.00 in fees to take out $10.00? o. k. I was told the gov. won’t let them take debit cards anymore because of “money laudering”? oh, really, well, my gov ss disbility check goies on that same “debit card”! I use it every where else, but now cvs won’t take it! on top of that I purchased the debit card at cvs! it’s their own “green dot”debit card. I refill it there, and use it to purchase other cvs products. the us post office, (another gov. agency) takes my debit card to purchase, stamps/money orders! you don’t get more “government” than that!


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