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last item while regeristing”>

i purchased e card games at $ 19, 95 each from best buy i clearwater, florida. i get tmem at home, after paying for them. a total of $59.85, plus tax. at the end of the instation, i’m told i can;t play games without another $ 199.00 now, maybe in getting senile but why would i purchased somthing for undar $20.. to have to kick in almost another $ 200.00.
you can call me stupid for dealing with this site, but i didn’t know. the $199.00 was back in my account this morning and my bank is keeping an eye on it. it can’t be reaased without the baank warning me
how crazy is al this. i offered to return thier games but i really don’t want them anymore. hoe does this sound, i return thier merchandise, at my expense, now i have card games i can;t plaay, you need the disks won’t play without thrm. the only one coming out ahead is best buy. good luck to anyond dealing with these people.
jack nunns, largo, florida.


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