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selling damaged furniture and fraudulent contract”>

Buyer beware! Living spaces furniture store fine print tells you that you can refuse to take delivery of damaged furniture. In case that happens, you will not be charged restocking fees.
What living spaces doesn’t tell you is that first, they will take back the damaged furniture, and then they will turn around and charge you not only a $99. 00 fee for delivery but an additional $150. 00 “restocking fee, ” if they decide that their furniture was not damaged enough to warrant you refusing to take delivery.

Recently, i bought and attempted to take delivery of a leather couch set ans a coffee table, not once but two times. But both times, i got damaged furniture – – the legs of the sofas had major dings, the leather stitching was frayed, and there was even a rip underneath one of the pieces. The table had multiple scratches. The delivery people handled the furniture very roughly, almost throwing pieces down on the road without protection. When i complained to the customer service person while this occurred, he simply didn’t care. He even confirmed that i would not be charged for the returned furniture nor for the restocking. Yet, a month later, the bill reflected the charges anyway, and when i called to clear it up, they were rude claiming that “they” did not see the damage i had identified and so, i had to pay for restocking. They further challenged me to go to small claims!


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