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fraudulent practice”>

I took my recently purchased car to them to have general service . I had driven the car for 3 days prior on highways and city traffic. After an hour in that shop I get a call stating there was no trans fluid showing on stick, and codes and they needed authorization ; which I gave . After 2 hours I get another call ; now I need to have transmission overhauled @ $2300 . I declined and advised them I’d pick up my car up . I then pay $155. and ask the servive advisor to show me the trans fluid level. When we get to the car pop the hood and guess what ? there is no dip stick . I ask how did they read and was told they have a gauge( ok I bite) I then proceed to drive away and now my dash board is lit up like a christmas tree with check engine, electric code etc.. and to make matters worse now the transmission is slipping . I call back the advisor states possibly the codes appeared due to the scanning performed. Next I call the Customer service * must leave a message *
My next call is to the State Atty generals office * They will never touch any vechicle I own!


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