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Each year, AARP sends out multiple renewal notices beginning about 6 months before expiration. My membership expires in Oct. and after approx. 5 notices, I responded by paying in Aug. The card i had which had the correct date was #[protected] 7. In Sept. I received a replacement card #[protected] 7 with an exp. date in Aug. 2020. AARP debited me 2 months for paying early. I called their customer service line, and they only had info. for the card that was in error. After a lengthy period of time consulting with some unknown individual, the rep. came back to tell me that their was nothing she could do, in terms of issuing me a new card with the correct exp. date. I told her that without a remedy to this error, I would not renew. She apologized. I also mentioned that I continue to receive notices for renewal. Last notice arrived this week/late Nov. telling me my membership expired in Oct.(at least they got the month right). Folks. I’ll make this very simple. Stop bombarding me with scads of renewal notifications, plays for donations and the release of my name to every affiliated merchant in the country that you sell my name to. Send me a card with the correct expiration date on it or you will not see a renewal from me again. Thank you.
John Nitis
109 Belvedere ct.
Napa, Ca.

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