AARP Services

Please be advised that in response to a mailer sent by aarp regarding the above subject, I called the company, homeserve usa repair management corp. The person answering my call was thoroughly unfamiliar with any resonable answers to several questions I posed. She responded with what appeared to be pat answers for which she wasobviously tutored and did not bother to listen to what I was asking. This represented an utter waste of my time and I inevitabley ended the phone conversation as the time I was spending was clearly not worth the difference in pricing betweeen the aarp offer and what I am presently paying. Fundamental insurer information was lacking from both the flyer enclosures as well as the insurer’s website. This offer represents what I see as “sales overreach”, expecting people to sign up merely because the offer is associated with aarp. I have a number of insurance transactions with aarp affiliates and never have I been so obviously limited to acquiring basis information as to an insurer’s financial condition.

I would suggest you seek another partner for this product offering.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter thorner
Westport, ct

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