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My car was reposed on the 3rd December 2020 I am under debt review for from February 2019 and ABSA Bank handed me over to the lawyers to repose the car and I am under debt review Oxygen debt review advised that I should settle the arrears so that I can get the car back however the lawyers advised that I should settle the full balance then I will get the car back.

They have give my until the 15 December 2020 to settle I would like to know on what basis was the account handed over to the lawyers as I am on debt review I never missed not even 1 payment since I find that the lawyer Tania Lutge is of no help she does not want to talk to me to find a solution all she says is that the car will be put on auction if I don’t pay the full amount.

I have not received any letters that she claims she has sent please kindly advise who has been receiving these letters as she cannot tell me who signed for the letters.

I am very upset with ABSA bank I have been a client for many years and moved my accounts due to the poor service I received.

According to the national credit act if someone is under debt review and making payments to the debt review company the assets cannot be reposed can some sort out the mess.

can someone find a solution for the mess that was created by the bank as I have no car.

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Lesley Morris

Found At: ABSA Bank – Enrolment

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