Since June 2020 we have been in communication with the Estates department of ABSA bank regarding the winding up of a deceased’s estate. (Ms. PRS Matloporo) The one person who was put in charge of the process, to represent the family was one Molefe Matloporo. The latter unfortunately passed on in early 2021. That left us in a quandary. The family then appointed me as the guardian for the only remaining child of the deceased, as I am the biological father.
I assumed that responsibility and have been in communication with the bank ever since.
However, because of our felt tardiness in finalizing things on the part of the bank, I got into contact with your Mr Corne Fourie, who is the Estates Manager for ABSA. Because, at the time, he was in agreement with me regarding the slow pace of the process, he assigned a new administrator for the process, in the person of one Lecia Astrie. I formally wrote and thanked Corne for this and commended Lecia and requested continued AND CONSISTENT communication between the two of us, to which she fully agreed.
In the last few months, suddenly I noticed that there was beginning to be a communications’ breakdown. I then lodged a complaint with both Lecia and Corne, to which Lecia responded on 8th November, where she sent me an email to say she was going to update me on the whole process on the following day. I have her email to this effect. When that did not happen, I still sent her an email as a reminder, and copied Corne. The amazing thing happened! Suddenly she called me to say she had been instructed not to communicate with me, because, new reason, there was nothing official that the bank had that I am indeed the father of the orphaned child. Why had they waited until my complaint about communication to tell me this? I asked Corne. To which his response was a cold: “It doesn’t matter when that decision was taken.” This was a smokescreen. The only reason Corne supported this was that both Lecia and Corne happen to be White and Afrikaner, and I am African. So, they will cover one another’s backs until the cows come home for their racist agenda.
I would like ABSA bank to go into this as soon as they can. For it has the whole future of an African orphan at stake, and to which both Corne and Lecia stay insensitive. I have copies of all the correspondence to support my complaint and I shall submit same to a designated investigator, once Absa does that.
I am doing this so that the bank can seriously start interrogating the whole issue of racism in our society, and its various subliminal manifestations.
I have sent previous complaints to an email address that I found on your web page : [protected]@absa. africa and to which I have yet to receive a response or acknowledgement.
Mzwandile Mangcu
Cell [protected]
email : [protected]@outlook.co.

Found At: ABSA Bank – Poor and apparently racist treatment by absa bank staff – estate management

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