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The complaint is against

Lebogang Letsholo
Enterprise Banker
Business Banking : SME Northgate

T +[protected]
M +[protected]
E Lebogang.[protected]@absa.co.za

Address:: Shop B6 1st Floor| Northgate Shopping Centre | Cnr Olievenhout & Northumberland Avenue | Northgate 2194

in that this person did not do due diligence prior to suspending the Tarraco body corporate bank account – an action that has no merit.

We have sent emails to her, tried to call, even placed a DEMAND on her services. Nothing.

The complaint originates from a general email received from this person dated 19 May 2021 and subsequent actions. We addressed an email to her dated 20/11/2021 in which it is stated:

It is noted:
(1) An email from you dated 19 May 2021 required that Tarraco body corporate was to respond to this letter even if your details have not changed:

(2) there is no requirement in your email that the client provides you with specific documentation, other than an oblique reference to some form of manner or means whereby ABSA is to “verify the identity and or address of their client”.
As neither you nor ABSA provided specifics as to what documents were needed, we, on behalf of the Tarraco body corporate responded on 26 May 2021 by sending to your email address a number of documents.
There was no bounce-back from your email address.
The probability that you received the email is very high – we are sure there are means within ABSA that when required by the necessary authority, will prove that the email was received.

(3) the email sent to you on 26 May 2021 that had as attachments various documents that were, given that no specific documents were requested by you, of sufficient detail for you or ABSA to establish
– the identity of the ABSA client
– the address of the ABSA client
– the officers of the ABSA client

(4) you made no effort in acknowledging the email of 36 May 2021.
You did not respond to the email either advising that the documentation submitted was sufficient for the purpose intended, or that the documentation submitted was not sufficient for the purpose intended.
Your lack of reply provided the confirmation by default that you had accepted the documentation submitted as sufficient for the purpose intended.

(5) on 17 November 2021, being a period of nearly 5 months later, which is a considerable number of working days, you and ABSA unilaterally without warning, suspended or in other ways prevented transactions on the account.

You did not concern yourself with doing the basic functions that had been entrusted to you – and that is of checking, verifying and responding to incoming emails, and and advising the ABSA client that indeed documentation had been delivered to you.
You chose to ignore that documentation.

(6) there is no cause that can excuse you and ABSA from its incompetence in this matter

(7) our Demand is placed as of this day.

(8) in your email received by this office on 18/11/2021 you undertook to review the documentation. There has been no response from you to date.

The back account remains suspended.

Desired outcome:
Unsuspend the bank account

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