ABX Express

Regarding my visit to your ABX Express Sdn Bhd at Bandar Indah Sandakan at 23rd February at 2.36pm. I was approached by two staffs. My tracking number was not able to be showns as my phone battery is off because of weak battery. One of your staff demonstrated as she was finding but more like throwing out rashly the other packages inside plastic bag. Then with slightly inapproriate tune talked to me asking for the tracking number. I repeatedly said i cannot able to give as i mentioned it before. Then she went inside and yelled before me. I insisted to stay so they can locate my package. But the other staf say that they would not find my package now as they have shortage of crew. I also explained that i was from far district from Sandakan and I cannot be able to come again another time. As a result..i did not receive my item.and i sending this complaint hoping your action will be taken to your staffs. tq

Found At: ABX Express – representative staff at the counter

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