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Apparently when I signed up for my Avenue Credit Card, the sales person (who is on a commission basis for this service) signed me up for a “protection” service called Account Assure. This protection is supposed to pay off my account in the event of loss of employment. I receive my Avenue Credit Card statements online and usually just make the minimum payment. The Account Assure fee does not show up anywhere on the main page or payment page.

When I lost my job I obviously did not know I had this service or I would have used it to cover my Avenue balance. It wasn’t until over after a year of unemployment that I finally couldn’t even manage the minimum payments anymore that I found out I had Account Assure and had been paying for it for years. Now that I found out and am asking for coverage, they are saying that the claim was filed too late. I have proof of the date of my unemployment and as I was covered at the time of becoming unemployed (which I can prove, and did send proof of to both Account Assure and Avenue), they should honor my agreement and balance as of that date. I never received any information or terms from them until after they canceled my service and denied my claim.

Also, these agreements should be signed up for completely separately from signing up for your credit card on site, instead of as a slight extra that a commission based salesperson can add without your knowledge.

They should provide either a refund for the amount paid to Account Assure as I obviously did not even know I had it (or I would have used it when I became unemployed) or settlement of my Avenue account.

Redcats, Avenue and World Financial Network National Bank are also responsible as they allow this to happen to their clients.

Found At: Account Assure – insurance/protection service

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