Although I appreciate messages for equality, I think your commercial for Adidas and the WNBA is warped. You actually harm race relations when you allow the term “no justice, no peace.” As a 49 year old white man, who is a Democrat, that slogan is nothing new to me. That didn’t just happen because of George Floyd. I’ve seen that phrase my whole life. Do you know what often happens with that phrase? Terrorism. Intimidation. If we don’t get our way, we will burn buildings and loot your stores.
I was in college when the Rodney King riots happened. Looting, assault and arson is the best way to encapture what happened. 63 killed. 2, 300+ injured. 12, 000 arrested. Property damage over $1 billion. Your message of no justice, no peace encourages this behavior. It’s not a veiled, sideways, sneaky threat. It is a in your face threat. Maybe your Woke board of executives should look up the name Reginald Denny. What happened to him was a no justice, no peace moment. That you apparemtly support. All captured from a police helicopter.
So your are more interested in 13% of the country. Not the 87% who don’t want a business owner to be put out of business due to racial riots. Which is a racial hate crime in my opinion. For you to have an advertisement with that little girl screaming hate speech. The mother of that little girl should be admonished for even letting her kid near a protest march that could go bad in a split second. Violence. Tear gas.
I realize I am just 1 peron. Insignificant. But your advertisement offends me in a way that your pompous [censored] can’t comprehend. So I am just never going to buy another Adidas or Reebok item again. I was at the Academy Sports in Lake Mary, FL last week. There was a cap, tee shirt, and golf shirt I wanted to buy for around $100. I didn’t because your company promotes BLM. A group that thinks violence and intimidation is how you win in life. Your brand is dead to me. I spent my $100 with Nike. And will continue to do so.
You in the apparel and shoe busoness are all guilty of pumping up your profits with cheap sweat shop labor in Asia. Isn’t that 2021 slavery? Shame on you! Shame on your pick & choose hipocracy.
No justice, no peace. No love for your brand, no dollars from me. I’m pretty active on social media, so I look forward to influencing others to avoid your hate brand.

Found At: Adidas – Your advertisement

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