We bought Adobe Photoshop 2015 and Adobe Photoshop Element 2015 in October 2015 from Dell. Nobody told us, nor gave us any literature, which says that these products are for only 3 years.

In this last November of 2018, when we clicked on these products, they didn’t work, instead gave us a window to purchase of these products again of 2018 at 33% discount.

And it was impossible to get rid of or pass by that window. As we had some documents saved in Photoshop, we was forced to purchase the new product against our will.

We’re not happy because we think that we are being cheated on, and paid the price.

Anyone who buys Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, CC, Adobe Illustrator, you need to check the product expiration date.

Just keep in mind only the crooked policies make people super rich, philanthropists.

Found At: Adobe – improper business practice – simply outrageous

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