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My fiancé was recently employed for the distribution center on Blue Hills Dr. On April 28th, I was in a terrible horse riding accident, was med flighted, and almost lost my life which resulted in a 12 day ICU stay, I was intubated, kept sedated, and nearly dead. My fiancé and I have a daughter so naturally he stayed out of work those 12 days until I was moved to a regular room. He then went back to work. He had to take off maybe 3-4 days since then to help me get to appointments and such or leave early for those things. Today, June 11, 2018, over a month later, he is fired. Because he was told other employees think he was being treated better for allowing time off because I was intubated and not breathing on my own and almost dead! All while still having a 7 year old daughter in the middle of all this chaos too! He was told to reapply when his “family situation” gets better. So who runs your distribution center? Employees or the bosses? Seems to me, the brown nosing employees run that place. And make the rules. And hire/fire people. As having been a manager myself in the past, I would have told the employee that complained that other employees time off was none of his concern and management had everything under control. No, your management there clearly didn’t do that. Also, you started my fiancé out at $10.50 an hour. That’s not even near enough for normal people to live on now a days. Why is this distribution so strict when they can’t even pay the employees a real wage? I am a nurse and I’m sorry, I do not not waste my time on [censored] pay jobs. When you make upwards of the $30 of course you show up on time and everytime. But $10.50?! That’s laughable. But more importantly, I want to know why this happened today and why you allow your underpaid staff to make the choices instead of your management team in your distribution center on Blue Hill Dr in Roanoke? God forbid, your underpaid staff, ever have a life threatening emergency because they will loose their job, clearly! Why was staff allowed to complain and make the choice instead of management? Why was my near death experience, where my fiancé was a real man and stood by myside for, a reason other staff thought he was treated better? Better?!? I almost died! My lungs collapsed and I couldn’t breath on my own for 12 days with a machine breathing for me?!? How is that treating my fiancé better?!? Why was it OVER a MONTH before he was talked too and let go? Was it because maybe he should NOT have been fired? And maybe that certain employee kept on and on and your horrible management gave in? The employee is Xavier Stanley and he NEVER should have had a say so in my fiancé’s job and especially not in me being intubated and sedated for 12 days. Your management team is poor. Your distribution center is absolutely horrible. And I will be sure to let everyone know about this situation.

Found At: Advance Auto Parts – distribution center

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