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I wish I could provide a -0- star for performance at this particular store. Don’t get me wrong because I have had excellent service at other Advanced Auto Parts stores, just not this one!

When I came in to ask Loretta about how to get my entire left side lights on my 2014 Kia Rio working, she just walked away.. then she brought me a pack of bulbs. I asked her if I could borrow a screwdriver so I could replace them immediately. She asked me for my driver’s license and handed me a screwdriver that was smaller than my license and walked away. After looking at the car/lights and bulbs, I came back into the store and asked her if she was the only one in the store… and she immediately grumbled out the sentence: “we do not replace brake bulbs and we can’t show you how”. I asked her what her name was and she walked away and yelled back at me “Loretta”. She was extremely rude and unable to provide me with some guidance. Had I known this was going to be my experience, I would not have spent one dollar at thsi particular store.

When I looked up ratings for this store, I can see why there are only 1 star reviews for this particular store.

Found At: Advance Auto Parts – Employee/sales clerk in the store (Loretta) was rude, unfriendly and unprofessional

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