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Someone should really take a close look at affordable denture. I’ve read many of the reviews on them and they all are the same. I too am complaining about how the dentures fit (or don’t fit). They fall out of your mouth and they really hurt. The bad thing about it is the dentist (Dr. Simmons) talks to you as if you are dumb. She told me the pain was all in my mind which I deeply resented. I have had to take two days off from work (without pay) for them to try and make them work. The work they do is awful. I called on 9/9 again trying to get in to see someone. I am an educator and I cannot go to work without my dentures. They said I could come in one week from the day I called. I explained to them that I was in excruciating pain. They told me not to wear them until then. The service is awful. I would like for someone to take the time that is needed to make the dentures so that they will fit properly. If most of the people are complaining about the same thing then it has to be some truth to the complaints. This company should be investigated and some type of action should be taken. I would like for someone to please contact me and let me know what if anything can be done with these dentures or refund my money. My chart # is 003452. The billing date is 8/25/2015. Your response to this matter will be deeply appreciated. I can be contacted at [protected].
Louise Toombs

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