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I was on here upset that my dentures did not fit. I had no idea about how they would fit never having had dentures before.
The doctor replied to my comment with a scathing reply. He has all the right to. But he is not in my shoes.

When I went to Affordable Dentures on March 11, 2016, the website had advertised that a certain doctor was at this practice. I went there that day for extractions an healing dentures.

I did not know the dentist had left, and a new dentist had bought out the practice. Dr was there maybe 2 weeks when I went there. The doctor has excellent credentials, that’s not the issue here.

OK, I get teeth extracted and my dear friend, who has the soul of an angel, tells me that healing dentures are way too big for my mouth. I was going to my daughter’s wedding in 2 months, and told them at Affordable that people did not like my dentures, I did not like the dentures and had to go to a wedding. They did make me a new upper denture for my daughter’s wedding .

Since I never wore dentures before, I had no idea about fit. I had no idea that I did not have a lot of bone in my mouth to work with. I understand that gum disease shrinks the bone in the mouth.

I swear to God, it was not discussed with me that once I got my permanent dentures in November 2016 that they would be falling out of my mouth loose. I DID NOT KNOW. I was never informed.

I wrote a reply to the dentist’s reply. I did not see it so I am posting again.

No, I am not crazy. No I am not a complaining person. I am not. One can ask everyone that knows me.

When I received my perm dentures in November 2016, I had again, no idea they would be falling out of my mouth loose. I have to wear tons of paste to keep them in place. I have even gone on ebay to buy the now discontinued Cushion Grip at a ridiculous price.


When I went back to the dentist after finding out that I had no upper suction in uppers…lowers are a partial, thanks be to God.

Dentist stated we could run my credit for implants.

I live on under a thousand dollars a month as a retiree, because when the economy crashed in 2008, I lost my job and had to live on Unemployment and then retire early in 2010. Every month is a struggle for me, trying to make ends meet. I receive EBT because I live below the poverty level as a senior.

I spent about $5000 at Affordable and have the Care Credit bill to show for it. It takes a humongous bite out of my low income. So implants are way way out of the question. I even go to food banks now and then because poverty is poverty and money only stretches so much.

To the doctor, I honestly did not know that I would have had trouble retaining the dentures. If you had stated so in the beginning, I don’t know if I would have had the procedure done.

If it was mentioned, it was mentioned in passing. Educate you patients. I understand you were brand spanking new at the practice at the time. But if a person is going to have issues please reiterate and reiterate some more. I even went to a second dentist to affirm what the dentist told me when he advised me to get implants. If only I could. If only I could. But I can.

I can’t reiterate enough that the practices need to educate and educate their patients over an over again regarding how their dentures will fit. Honestly, honestly, it did not happen in my case. I wish it did.

I cried my eyes out after reading the doctor’s reply to me. I called the practice. I understand there’s nothing they can do, but I was promised a call back. Do I have hard feelings against this practice? Not at all. The dentist? Not at all, but I am hurt.

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