Air Canada

I was on a medical vacation from Canada to Turkey, by air canada.
on my return I boarded flight from turkey to france, for some condition out of my control and due to franch air port crew and people capacity I was late to my flight to toronto, I boarded another flight to montreal instead, but my final destination was winnipeg.

on the flight to montreal from paris, I was recived with a lot of smark and none welcoming attitude,
it was obvious my appearnce and maybe the fact I was wearing a big clumsy head mask rather then a small fabric one due to nose surgery limitation made it easier for the assialnt to think they can f around, or in simple words be abusive towards me as if they are better or in fact I am not good enough to be on that plane or maybe have not the rights and freedoms as all other passengers, I understand the reason behind this behaviour was definatly none logical response to my appearnce.

so the incident which accured was at when the flight attended crew, served food and treats I noticed some sort of a negativity and hostility but nothing out of the orderinry happend, but on the second round of drinks hand out, the flight attended pass by without offering any service, after several minutes of holding as I noticed she is not coming back, I stood up and went to the back of the plane where she was kneeling down to another passenger, at this moment I wasnt sure how to approach her and said sir, mam, whatever… you didnt give me a drink. she turned around and said what? as I repeated, I said you didnt give me a drink you missed me.

the flight attended said ok one moment,

I said ok, and left back to take my seat,

after 10 minutes she came back to my raw and started lecturing me she was very upset and hurt I called her sir mam or what ever?, I apologized and said I never meant to hurt your feeling but to address you in public general way in order to make sure you will give me the drink as rest of the passengers,

at this moment she said well I think its really offensive im not a man in a dress,

I said thats not what I meant,

just for the record all this time I was thinking to my self, am I racist?

after enjoying my drink and sitting peacefully, another flight atteneded maybe higher level attended, approached me with intriging questions regards the incident,

she started from asking me for my name as I asked for why and provided to her the information,

she told me the accuser, complaint that she was very hurt from my comment and also that I poked her really hard and she is unable to proceede without drama,

so my response was if it did happen as she descrbied please seize communication and call the police because I didnt touch her as our interaction was sole verbal, at this point she backed off even with my request to make a complaint her response was is that for me to write a letter,

so I had no intention in making anyone hurt for the fact I didnt get a drink,
but the behaviour of discrimination and a border line sexual remark of touching or poking is not acceptable not even if it involves a man in this situation while the abuser is a female flight attended that works with the public and her duty to treat everyone equal without racial or any form of abuse,

if she need to develop special feeling or learn how to treat all customers and passengers in equal way, maybe she can start with application to mcdonalds and deal with her complex in a mature basis and not in amature way where a person such as customer is singled out from rights and freedoms and defamed, it is a legal matter…

I am the most inoccent person on earth in that case it makes me smark back at this attitude and spread the awareness of out air canada treats, employees and customers a like on a virtue bias, based on discriminations.

maybe this is how things are done in air canada

Found At: Air Canada – Sexual harassment and abuse based and discriminations based on statues

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