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Absolutely the worst service ever. It all started when I decided to cancel my round-trip tickets from Delhi to Washington. I called the customer care he said if I cancel the tickets now, I may not get the complete refund so asked me to wait until April. So, did the same. When I called in again another service rep told me that he cancelled the tickets and will get the refund within 7-10 business days. But nothing happened, again I called in to check the status, this time, he advised me to write an email to [protected] with e-ticket number, PNR, date of travel, passenger name; and they will initiate the refund within 21 business days and I did that right away. But I’ve neither received my money nor an acknowledgement to my email. I really wanted to know what type of calendar they are using. I got really frustrated by calling them every single day and stood in the queue for more than 2 hours. Most of the times even after getting hold of customer care they simply drop my call stating that unable to hear the customer and hence dropping the call. This is one of their stalling tactics.
So, I checked their website and found another email ID, and wrote to them explaining everything. This time I received a reply asking me to contact the customer care over phone. That’s it since then phone and email support teams are literally playing football with me. The least I could expect is a proper acknowledgement from AirIndia. I completely recognise that these are difficult times for everyone and many of us have experienced disruptions in our daily lives. But I’m not ready to lose my 1.82 lakh INR, due to AirIndia’s sheer negligence. Never ever in my life I will book tickets on this airline. It’s time to takeoff their slogan “Because We Care” from their website, because they never care and value their customers.

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