As host for two years now, I’ll tell you my complaints. The reason I’m writing here is because by violating human rights “right to have information”

1. They close my account because of two guest complain to me with no reason and just sent me a mail regarding close account.

2. With new account I have host a lot guests and one day I discovered a promotion that if I sent refeal links to my friend that they give €90. That was make sense and I started to sent my friends and 10 of them has been host. It was well working in the begining but after 4 refeal sent me a warning mail that I violate their conditions and asked me to read again and confirm it. Everything was okay as I started because since I am law student I check every conract that I am member. Anyway I asked please inform me what I did? Because what I did just sent to refeal link yo my friends and help to them to rise their guest. After 2 weeks they sent mail “sorry we close to account in order to violate our cond. and term..” I replied them to explain me what I did? No answer. 10 times after callong them they sent same mail. Sorry and removed account. But why? I sent refeal link amd and made my friends to provide their id, bank account even its hard to make people believe is safe app. But no no anymore. They didnt payout me that I deserve with almost 6 person altough they completed first booking well. is terrible account that made me to alternatives; homeaway, expedia…

These case manager of unrespecting to their host. And I feel deeply cheated by them that I waste effort for nothing.

I have complaited to Competitors Instition (Tursab) that had ban to and they now sue I am supporter of that action on social media. I never ever forget these behavior. has stolen my effort, my money!

Found At: Airbnb – cheat user by refeal host

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