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ra#[protected] ref#[protected] rental from Reno airport 2/27 -3/6/21 I reserved a vehicle online. When making my reservation, they had a special on the Jeep Wrangler, not sure of the exact price but I believe it was $268 for a weekly rental. I had rented a Wrangler last year and did not like it. It did not fit my ski equipment well and was hard getting into with ski boots plus I had 2 extra people with me this time and just knew it would not be a good fix. I chose to reserve a standard size SUV and the price was $317 for the week. I was willing to pay the difference to get the vehicle I wanted. When I arrived at the rental pickup it was very cold and they made us wait out in that cold for about 30 minutes. Then they pull up with a Jeep Wrangler. I told their employee that I didn’t want the Wrangler and had paid for a standard SUV. He said they were very busy and had run out the SUV’s and that this was all he had. I did not put up a bigger fuss at the time because we were freezing and just wanted to get into something warm. Again we had trouble fitting our skis and the two of us who had to sit in the back were very uncomfortable. Also, there were clearly visible footprints on the windshield of the car. If they didn’t clean this, what else didn’t they clean? Not very sanitary especially with COVID-19. We were very unhappy to say the least. So when we get to our destination I called to complain and tell them I would like a credit because I paid more to get the SUV and ended up with the Jeep that I could have reserved for less. They said they would get back with me but never did. When I got home I called a couple of times with the same response, that someone would call me but they never did. I finally reached someone who said they would give me a refund but in the process we got disconnected. I called right back and of course could not get the same person but explained what happened and they said no problem, I can take care of it. So she said the refund for $50 plus taxes and fees would total $65.69. I agreed and she said I would receive an email showing this and see it on my credit card in a couple of days. Never did get an email, so I check my credit card and instead of a credit they charge me $65.69. I have called back several times, even spoke with a manager buy they say they can’t do anything. They said they are pushing it up to upper management but they don’t have a phone number for them, so I just have to wait for their call. It has been 3 business days since then with no call. It seems that both, Alamo’s reservations and customer service are both meaningless because they don’t hold the car you reserve and customer can’t help you. [protected]

Found At: Alamo Rent A Car – Received lower priced car than what I paid for/ terrible customer service

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