Allegiant Air

Flight 1759 GSP to FLL February 7. (Was unable to load pdf boarding pass as proof of claim)

Approached counter and requested boarding pass because one could not be obtained from The counter woman told me that I would have to pay for my boarding pass. I ask her why I would pay for a boarding pass which is required by the airline and the FAA but not by me. She then printed the ticket and in a condescending voice stated “Well since you’re a beginner traveler (truth: I’ll be 62 in a few days and am a retired attorney and research librarian and have traveled by air for 50 years without incident) you won’t have to pay the $5.00” I failed to reply, took the ticket and walked on.

The woman is about 55 years old with black hair, stocky build, and demonstrably poor white trash.

She then transitioned to the gate where it appeared that she abused everyone and anyone who asked her anything or replied to her with an additional question. The woman sitting next to me from South Carolina found her “snippy and rude.”

Members of the Fort Lauderdale crew who I will not name also were a bit surprised by the abrasiveness of her tone and her choice of words used to an assortment of customers. Her little event with me was simply her doing airline business her own way.

She doesn’t belong working for any airline or any position where she must deal with the public.

Judging by her behavior, I’m convinced that she’s mentally ill.

It doesn’t get more outrageous than this and without a doubt, it is totally untypical of your airline. But who hired this person? I would have a sit down with that genius as well.

Found At: Allegiant Air – would you hire an abusive counter & gate person? allegiant did!

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