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On May 29, 2019 at 9:39pm. after trying to reach my supervisor Ms Buxton at Wyndham Kingsgate property in Williamsburg, VA by phone I text message her to inform her that I was unable to come into work the 8×4 shift for the next day. I called the security phone at Kingsgate at 9:48pm and notified the “Team Leader” who was on shift. I was informed that they attempted to reach out but got no response. This is also not the first that she has been unreachable for work related situations. On a separate occasion when I witnessed a conversation with Ms.Buxton and another employee, she was advised that there was a power outage and the shift tried to reach her. She responded by saying “I have a life outside of this job.”

On May 30, 2019 at 6:32am, I received a text from Buxton informing me that I needed to come in to work my shift. At that point I felt my job may have been at stake and came to work anyway. On page 16 of the handbook, It is stated that proper call out procedure is at least 4 hours before the designated shift begins. The following week, I was cut down to 32 hours, while other employees were schedule to work 48 hours putting them in overtime. While working with Buxton on June 3rd between 1:30 and 2:00pm, She left and went home early do to personal reasons. I can’t recall if she clocked out or not, but I was left to run the site by myself and just hoped that activities center didn’t call for anything.

On June 15, 2019, I reached out to Buxton on regards of the schedule. I noticed that there was no 2nd person to work the 4-12 shift. I informed her that I would do the 4-12 shift if she needed me to. buxton stated that she left the shift open because she planned on taking the shift if she couldn’t find anyone. She stated I would be working pool duty even though she had somebody scheduled for that position. I informed her I would be losing an hour doing that duty because I was already there doing an 8-4 and pool duty is 8-11. She responded saying she know what she was doing. I was still going to get paid doing 16 hours because it was based on shift work and not hours, and to “stay in my lane.” She also told me not to text her phone if it’s not work related. Overall being very unprofessional while I was being nothing but professional. She has taken a day from me which was a thursday for which I always worked since I started this site. When I asked her about it, she stated that she didn’t have anywhere to put me. Prior to this, I was always scheduled off Tuesdays and Wednesday. She has now included Thursday after this situation. This has become an on and off issue with Buxton and at this point I just want to bring it to your attention because I tried speaking to her privately to resolve any issues as well as with a co worker present. On those occasions, she stated that there were no issues, but afterwards my work schedule is always affected. On page 30 in the Handbook, it states that Work place retaliation is frowned upon. This has become a very hostile environment due to Buxton. I have reached out to Sara Sherman and William New and haven’t received a response from either of them.

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