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I am submitting this complaint, because I believe this supervisor shouldn’t be in this position. Multiple times I have confertations with this employee. I complained about this employee once before and she confronted me about it because I didn’t notify her. I did not feel comfortable to talk to her about her situation as so I felt harassed to why I reported her from her. I felt that was very disrespectful because she told me ” what is going through your head” on the phone. I found that very disrespectful. She doesn’t care for her subordinate or what is going through their lives. She would have a attitude when a employee has a pay discrepancies and say, “that’s not my job.” I have had 5 pay discrepancies in the past 2 months. There is a time log sheet at the site but Officer Lloyd doesn’t track the employees hrs at all. The papers are just building in a pile. Other employees have had difficult times with Officer Lloyd as well. If you are a supervisor, you have responsibilities to your subordinates when it comes to uniforms, pay discrepancies, and family matters that conflict with work. One day she came to work in civilian clothes and not her uniform. I feel that her supervisor Mrs. Silver is very lenient with her because she has been with the company for more than 8 years. Officer Malika Lloyd is a very bad representation of a supervisor and of Allied Universal.

Found At: Allied Universal / – unprofessionalism and misconduct

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