Ally Financial

As stated above my car has been paid off for almost a year. Every time I call ally to ask where my title is I get “we will mail it to you” I called about two weeks ago and was told that the person I spoke with before didn’t properly request for my title to be released. She assured me that she would take care of it and follow up with tracking info. She never did. I called again about a week later and was told that previous operator I spoke with never requested the title to be released… And he would take care of it. A week goes by and I get a letter congratulating me for paying off my car a year ago! Still no title. Tried the chat feature on their website and was told that they requested a paper title from the dmv and it would be sent to me fedex 2 day priority. But they have no idea when they will receive the title from the dmv. Sound familiar?

I will never do business with ally ever again! And i’ll be sure to tell complete strangers what complete [censored]s they are

Found At: Ally Financial – Car was paid off on 3/31/2020 it is now 2/1/2021 still no title!!!

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