Amana Brand

We bought one of your Amana top-loading washing machines 2 1/2 years ago from C&M here in St. Joseph, Mo. All at once it stopped spinning or draining water. The cost of repair is outragous, so we are buying another brand of washer and will not buy Amana again or recommend it to others. We bought the washer when our dryer went out and we knew the old washer wasn’t going to last much longer and then we would have a matched pair.

The repair people want $65 just to look at the washer and then labor and parts will soon add up and we won’t have a new washer, so something else could go out. We are retired and need something we can depend on to last for more than this did.

Mrs. J. R. Belcher

Found At: Amana Brand – Does not drain or spin

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