Have you taken a close look at Amazon’s business practices? I’m absolutely not an attorney, so I may have missed the fine print disclosing these two issues:

If you go with Amazon Prime Annual Membership for $119.00 for the year v/s paying $12.99 per month, just know YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED or pro rated money back if you decide to cancel it, even after only a few weeks in… They keep you on the hook until your membership comes up for renewal. I saw NOTHING in the attached email indicating this practice.

If you use the Amazon Chase Credit Card for your purchases, and return items – your money is not going back to your card balance. Instead, it goes towards an Amazon “Gift Card” that can NOT be used to pay off the Chase balance, or anything else outside of Amazon. I’m appalled at this business practice. It’s like some thrift store that can’t afford to refund your money so they only give you in store credit.
I feel bamboozled and I’d like to keep others from making my mistakes.

In gratitude for all you do,

Rashke Catlin


Found At: Amazon – Prime membership & amazon chase credit card

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