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After being seen in the office and discharged at 8 p.m. I would like to put in a complaint against specific policy or procedure that set in place. I am the patient urgent Care is not used buy me unless it’s an emergency as expected there for the office is used to seeing people in my situation and they should cover their bases before a patient leaves I was not offered a doctor’s note and I was very sick when I got there specially during a unexpected few inches of snow that I had to drive there and it took me 40 minutes so after being there the last thing I thought about was a doctor’s note when I had the two days following off at work. I am still not well and I am calling my doctor to be seen but urgent Care charge me for a visit and they were the ones who originally saw me and they should be providing me with a doctor’s note. If I am out of the office sick why would I want to drive all the way there for a doctor’s note that makes no sense that is an inconvenience and definitely has changed my view on this chain I will no longer return and I will not let them with them I will also be leaving reviewonline because there’s people that need to know this type of information up front a person can live an hour away why would they come back to get a doctor’s note that should have been provided up front

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