American Furniture Warehouse [AFW]

I purchased a matress from AFW Glendale Az. and paid most of it in cash and the rest financed. I returned the matress because it was too hot. I waited fpr my refund of $574.39, instead AFW gave all my money to the finance company in error. When I asked what I need to do I was told I needed to retreave my money from the finance company Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo said it will take around 30 days to refund.

I called AFW back and spoke to Alyson. She was nice and validated my concern and was looking into it. After a few days when there was no progress on the money that was owed to me… I asked for something from them since my family was depending on that money… They offered me $50 and said that was all that AFW can do to compensate me.

Now… Wells Fargo is telling me that AFW has reached them and pulled ths credit(my money) from them. AFW said they dont have my money and will follow up with Wells Fargo… So at this point no one has my refund. AFW has been nice to me and said they are looking into it and will call me as soon as they find something out from Wells Fargo. In the mean time I am out the money and no one knows when I will get my refund. Please fix this!

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