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I just got a voucher from America Grant Network this weekend and it said “Don’t Miss Out on Your Share of Free Money! This Money Never Has To Be Paid Back!” and if you know the very basic reality that anything and everything that is “free” is actually just paid for by someone else, any in the end, always taxpaying legal citizens of your country because that’s how the government and really anything gets paid for at all. You’ll notice whenever the government borrows or prints money to pour into people’s accounts that’s where it all ultimately comes from, which is why inflation is so bad in so many places worldwide right now . . . you’ll be suspicious of such a voucher right away. Mine said that “CBS News and other sources report that the US Government must find recipients and distribute over $385 billion dollars to individuals and organizations just like you. In addition each year almost 40,000 private foundations are required by law to give away five percent of their money to individuals like you in order to keep their tax-exempt status. This means foundations have to give away their money. Otherwise they’ll have to pay millions to the government in taxes. Unfortunately the general public isn’t aware of the giveaways so $billions go unclaimed.” Yeah, [censored]. I decided to do some research into America Grant Network and it’s an obvious scam. Scammers aren’t stupid, they make good livings making their frauds sounds as plausible as possible and many even have a website that will look genuine. If you get a voucher and check with a request for even a small donation, you should throw it away right away and have nothing to do with it, or else you’ll be scammed into financial ruin and get nothing back to show for it.

Found At: American Grant Network – Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!

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