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Last week I called American Home Shield because of a plumbing stoppage. A plumber was sent out and his diagnosis stated that there was a rubber piece in the main drain overflow pipe. The plumber could not remove the rubber piece and temporarily fixed the situation by propping the rubber piece with a skinny pipe and leaving the overflow pipe open.
This obviously did not fix the problem permanently. Then I was told by a followup phone call from AHS that AHS could not assist me any further until I removed the “foreign object” from the drain. However, the object in the drain is not a foreign object; it is part of the drain. It is the lid to the pipe that it fell into. On a Saturday my plumbing backed up again. I called AHS and was told that I had to talk to the Authorizations department which was only open Mon-Fri to argue the denial of service. Obviously, I cannot wait until Monday to argue the definition of “foreign object.” I’ve called a plumber from the phone book to get it fixed.

It’s a good thing that AHS was free and included in my mortgage for the first year; I only got duped out of a $60 service fee for the initial plumber. To fix the problem permanently, I was only charged $164 total. Even if AHS hadn’t tried to weasel their way out of covering my problem, they would have only saved me $104.
I’ll have my brother (a lawyer) threaten to sue on Monday for reimbursement from AHS. I’m in the military, working 65 hours a week and I don’t have time to deal with crap like this.

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