American International Group [AIG]

On October 28th, 2021, I made arrangements to go and see my now husband in his home country of Canada. It was supposed to be a low-key affair, just us having fun and hanging out and taking cooking classes together. However, everything changed when I lost my passport. It suddenly turned into a, “how am I going to get back home?” kind of affair, and I was thankful that I had purchased travel protection because I would inevitably miss my flight and stay an extra day in an overpriced hotel in the airport. I figured that it would all be okay though, because I had gotten the travel protection and they would reimburse me because this was an unforeseen event. I go to submit the claim and after nearly a month of waiting, my claim was denied on the grounds that this wasn’t truly an unforeseen event.

Now I’m no expert in insurance. Heck, I barely know a thing about my own. But I think that AIG and many other insurance companies count on my own instance being the experience of the majority. That is, they don’t want you to know what you’re covered for so they can turn around and deny you. This is quite frankly a conniving way to run any business, but one that I paid for and then saw nothing of? This can’t stand.

Found At: American International Group [AIG] – Travel insurance is a fraudulent gambit

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