American Laser Skincare

I went to an Wellness Expo in Addison where American Laser Center had a booth set up. I filled out one of their forms to receive information regarding their services. Later that week I received a call from them saying that I had won some money that could go toward a treatment. They said if I came in within two days I would receive additional money to go towards a treatment. I am an medical aestheticisms but my office did not have the laser that does the skin tightening so I decided to go for a consultation. At the consultation their representative told me that their laser would do the skin tightening so I decided to give it a shot. I paid $1000 at that time and scheduled my appointment. I was supposed to pay the remaining amount before my last treatment. I called to reschedule my appointment for my first treatment due to scheduling conflicts. I received no return phone call. It has now been two months and still no appointment. During this time I decided to research their company because their behavior was so unprofessional. I found out that many people have had similar experiences and the reputation is that of deceit and fraud. I also found out that they don’t even have the 1320 hand piece for the laser that does the skin tightening. So I was lied to and now no response from them. I plan to seek legal counsel and am embarrassed that businesses like this are allowed to continue to do business. They are a disgrace to the aesthetic industry. Definitely a chop shop! I am surprised their laser techs are not offering breast augmentation with an ice pick and some helium!

Found At: American Laser Skincare – fraudulent and an embarrassing!

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