American Red Cross

Hi, My name is Allison Capps, general manager of the Days Inn Kuttawa Ky.
We recently had a worker of yours staying with us. the guest’s name was Diane L. Jones., Ms. Jones had become a public nuisance to guest and employees, on multiple occasions, ranging from walking through a crowded breakfast area cursing someone on the phone, to being rude and hateful to front desk staff before this incident. (Found out later, that it was a different red cross worker staying at our hotel whom she was saying the “f” word to repeatedly in front of children and other guest) We then had an incident with a housekeeper quitting and leaving crying, because of this guest cursing and degrading my employee. I informed Ms. Jones that She had to treat the staff with respect, or she would need to find somewhere else to stay. Her erratic behavior continued to escalate. I told Ms Jones she needed to find lodging somewhere else. My next step was to Call the police to remove her. She since has filed a complaint with our corporate offices. I hope this guest does not represent your workers, or company’s ethics.

Found At: American Red Cross – Worker causing disturbances at hotel.

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