America's Health Brokers, Inc.

My husband and I found ourselves in need of health insurance, but had pre-existing conditions. Filled out forms on internet and were unindated with offers, most too good to be true. Many were just plain fraud, but this one was the worst! The premium was really low and covered EVERYTHING. After asking several times if it was MAJOR MEDICAL and being assured it WAS, I investigated. Went to their website and read their own disclamer(not major medical and should not be a substituted for major medical) I also saw all the complaints against them. On the 3rd or 4th call asked about their disclamer, was told this policy was as good. When I told them we were not interested in their product, they argued and I had to hang up—twice! They kept calling back(same agent), I told them we were going to report them and not to call back, had to hang up again. He call back an hour later and ask to speak to my husband! My husband told him not to call back, still they argued and he had to hang up! This company is RIP OFF and preys on people who are desparate and scared!

Found At: America’s Health Brokers, Inc. – FRAUDULENT PHONE PRACTICES

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