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I’ve purchased a single tire from America’s Tire due to a tire blow out. The brand of this tire is Mohave, which had a 35k mile warranty. At 12k miles, the side wall of the tire had a concave indentation. As a result, I drove over to the place where I’ve purchased the tire for a replacement. The sales rep went and took a look of my defective tire.

He stated that the tire I’ve purchased had a ‘belt overlap’ and that the tire I’ve purchased was a bottom line tire. I’ve questioned the sales rep about this belt overlap. I told him this so called, belt over lap is a straight out tire defect–plain and simple, as if I was indeed gullible! He practically totally ignored me as I was walking back to the sales counter as if I was planning to buy another tire replacement.

Okay, I decided to be a civilized customer holding back my animosity and see what the sales rep had to sell me. He tried to sell me a set of tires without honoring my pro rated tire warranty. I will never again patronize this tire company again; and besides, they lack customer empathy towards me. And to think, I was a loyal customer for over 10 years! Shame on them!

Found At: America’s Tire – Fraudulent company

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