AmeriGas Propane

We have been a customer of youngs propane for 10 years. We have a commercial and residential account, our tenants had complained about there propane bill being higher than normal. After contacting Youngs propane we were told that they were owned by Amerigas and needed to sign a contract (that was not available till June) which was still a few months away. And we would have to pay a $130.00 fee to fill out a contract that was not refundable. So in the meantime they filled our home tank, and did not leave a slip. A few weeks later we received a bill for $1748.00 due immediately, with no other information. After calling them we were told it was for 360 gallons of propane at a cost of $4.85 per gallon. After looking at our last bill we were paying a $1.85 per gallon. Again we called them and asked why it was $3.00 more per gallon with no warning, there response was they have a new computer system and customers without a contract get charged more. Out of frustration we called another local company and they quoted us $1.41 per gallon. We have yet been able to solve this issue with Amerigas.

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