AmeriGas Propane

I do not have an Amerigas account. I tried to establish one, but they claimed my address already had an account. The previous owner of my home had an account, which she closed in April, 2019.
Amerigas came to the home on the day we closed, and filled the LPG tanks, inspected the tanks, and were notified we’d purchased the home and needed a new account.

In September, Amerigas came onto my property and capped off/locked two tanks, one of which they own (had been leased to previous owner), and capped a tank owned by the home.


AMERIGAS BROKE INTO A LOCKED GATE, ON WHICH THERE IS A “NO-TRESPASSING SIGN”, AND LOCKED OFF LPG TANKS THEY DO NOT OWN OR LEASE. In any realistic world, this would be breaking and entering, with theft as an add-on.

They did not notify us that they were coming, and did not notify us that they’d been.
They *broke* through a locked gate, marked “NO TRESPASSING” in order to do so.
Then, they wanted a $150.00 inspection fee, wanted to charge us for the gas in the tank that the previous owner paid for, and want another $250 to uncap the tank that is privately owned (same tank they capped without permission).

When we threatened them with legal action and going to the BBB, they said “We don’t want to do business with you, so ‘eff off. ” Now we are stuck with locked tanks, can’t feed our stove, fireplace, nor spa and it’s 30 degrees outside.
These are horrible people. I feel the local manager, Mr. Najarian, is a racist, foul-mouthed pig, on top of being a liar having made multiple claims about the previous owner of our home not having paid her bills (she sent us a copy of the closed account/paid balances), that the tanks were unsafe (Amerigas inspected the tanks when we took ownership), and that the previous owner had not transferred the fuel to us (the previous owner had written a letter Xferring the fuel). He also promised to amend the problem the same day, and it’s 2 months past his promise, ergo, a lie.


Found At: AmeriGas Propane – non-existent customer service, breaking/entering customer’s property

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