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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR PROPANE GAS SERVICES AT HOME. The corporate office is often embarrased when they hear how their local offices transact business and treat their customers. Particularly, the Wyandanch office. Even the poor drivers who delivery the gas, must get an earful from each customer as the last 5 or 6 drivers we had said “We know the office staff is so unprofessional and we are treated the same way you are.” I called on 12/17/09 for a gas delivery and was about to run out of gas and expressed that I thought it was too soon for me to be out of gas. They said delivery would be approximately on 12/24/09. I called three times on Christmas Eve becauase 1) we were totally out of gas and 2) it was a holiday and I was having company and NEEDED GAS! They confirmed with a driver on all three calls that it would be late in the day and I may be the last delivery but I would get gas today (12/24/09). THEY NEVER SHOWED UP OR CALLED UNTIL 12/28/2009. I called their corporate office and they were very professional but said the local office had closed and unless I had a gas leak there was nothing they could do. We went through the entire holiday week with no use of our stove or oven and had to cancel dinner at our own home. With alot of yelling and no satisfaction, we got our delivery on 12/28/09. I then ran out of gas again 3/15/10 and told them there must be a problem that their delivery should have last at least 6 months not 2.5 months. I eventually ran out of gas again and they came to check for a leak and said there was no leak and I was given a date 9 days in advance for a gas delivery and needless to say, they did not show or call. When I inquired a day after the expected delivery date, they said you did not pay your bill for the new delivery. I said “how do I know that number by osmosis? Will you bill me and will someone say something on the phone because it was never mentioned on at least 4 phone calls”.

Not ONCE EVER did anyone say you must pay in advance. I have been with this company for 9 years and they always billed me and always thought they their customer service sucked but never to this level. The drivers are great.

I spent an hour on the phone with their corporate customer service to see why they said now they need pay in advance and why I am running out so soon. The representative said “This account is a mess, it looks like you were always getting 2 full tanks a year and that they stopped delivering 2 tanks almost 2 years ago but may have charged you for 2 and in fact, it does not look like the last 2 deliveries were NOT full delivery’s, which would explain why you are running out of gas.” She suggested I ask for the last 5 years of all my orders because she said “something is seriously not right and you need to bring it to their attention and I will do the same at the corporate level.”

In order to leave them it will cost me several hundred dollars which I can not afford at this time and a few hundred more to join another company. In the meantime, another company was happy to fill up their tanks for now and reconfirmed no gas leak in the hopes to get my new business and that they will.

AMERIGAS IN WYANDANCH has the worst customer service and gas service of any company I have ever dealt with for home services.

Found At: AmeriGas Propane: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 14

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